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Spa environment supporting capacity OEM is helpful to your cause why?


Specialized engineering teams and sales support :  Spa environment OEM Department has a dedicated sales staff and customer support engineer OEM.

Exclusive solutions :

Many production processes need to be treated with smoke or dust. Our dust removal equipment will be integrated into your equipment to allow your customers to have a specific

solution. Integrated electronic control, plug and play design,The unique inlet connection and other more optimization functions reduce the installation and debugging work of the end



Enjoy the spa cumulative knowledge filter:

In recent years, spa provides advanced and reliable equipment for dust removal and filtration equipment, with the unique filter, greatly improve the production efficiency at the same

time, also for your employees to provide a cleanWorking environment.


Enjoy the spa environment filtering technology:In the thirty years in the market, high filtration efficiency has been maintained and maintenance has been simplified.


Enjoy the spa global support service:

We can support your business and customers all over the world. Our distribution staff in all regions can help your end users solve installation problems or do spare parts

replacement. not only It can reduce the cost of manufacturing, and at the same time save the transportation cost for you. And our global technical support makes you close to local

laws and regulations and requirements.


Enjoy the spa environment brand image:

This brand has been trusted by industrial manufacturers and is a representative of improving efficiency and efficiency in filtering dust, oil mist and smoke. Our products are widely

used in all walks of life.Good proof of status in the filter industry in spa. Spa environment on behalf of reliable and practical.


Improve your brand image :

How do you stand out in the cloud brand? It is only necessary to match your equipment with our high quality, reliable oil mist, smoke and dust filters. Simply put you on a series of

standard productsBrand labels or meet your requirements, tailor the filter you need, create a unique design for you, which can be met according to your needs.


An experienced service team:It can provide you with the fastest quality service.

Unique shape design, we can customize our customers. It can basically include integrated

electronic control
System, unique inlet connection, special filter shape and size, and special structure requirements.
We have a special design tool and all the necessary resources to meet your requirements.


Application of OEM supporting dust

removal equipment