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The way of installing dust collecting bag and dedusting frame
    The bag-type dust collector functions on a simple operating principle, that is, preventing industrial wastes from circulating in the air by means of bag. Bags can hold the contaminable granules in exhaust gas generated during industrial production. In this way, contaminants can be prevented from entering and polluting the air in an effective way, and the environment will be prevented from pollution. For this reason, many enterprises will choose dust collecting bag which is highly practicable in use.
    By installing the dedusting frame properly, the dust collecting bag can be installed in a safe way, and the most desirable effect can be achieved. The dedusting frame is the support of dust collecting bag and plays a pivotal role. The specific dimension of dust collecting bag shall be accurate to millimeter. The length can be subject to the length of the dedusting frame. The length of the dust collecting bag is slightly longer than that of the dedusting frame.

Installation of dust collecting bag:
    1. First, check if the dimensions of the dust collecting bag and of the ceiling are consistent.
    2. Find out if the materials of the new dust collecting bag and the dust collecting bag to be replaced are the same.
    3. Find out if the number to be replaced is correct.
    4. Prepare the new dust collecting bag and make its bottom downwards before inserting it into the plate hole. Pinch plat the piston ring at the mouth of the dust collecting bag and then put it into the plate hole. Stick the dust collecting bag to the plate hole closely. When bang can be heard during installation, it means the sticking is alright. Each dust collecting bag is installed in this way. Finally, put the dedusting frame in the interior of the dust collecting bag.

Installation of dedusting frame:
    1. First install dust collecting bag onto the dedusting plate.
    2. After installing the dust collecting bag, insert the dedusting frame into the dust collecting bag along the mouth of the dust collecting bag. The distance between the dedusting frame and the dust collecting bag shall be 2mm, which is directed at making sure the dedusting frame enter the dust collecting bag smoothly.
    3. The diameter of the dirt catcher plate shall be the dimension of the dedusting frame. If the dedusting plate is not processed accurate enough, the dust collecting bag will probably fall off during use.