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With the increasing improvement of the pharmaceutical industry in China, the pharmaceutical industry has made rapid development. Although the economic benefits of the pharmaceutical industry in the early stages of development are favored because of their high economic benefits, the pharmaceutical industry is facing the dilemma of development in recent years. In particular, the hard regulation of the GMP level in the pharmaceutical industry, one of the important assessment items and indicators is the clean index. And because of its special function, the industrial dust removal equipment has become a part of the production machinery which can not be omitted in the pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises.
In the process of production of pharmaceutical, to use the tablet machine, capsule filling machine, counting machine, mixing machine and grinder etc. Therefore, in the work process will produce large amounts of waste water and dust, without dust removal and purification, can't finish the assessment of the project and the enterprise will be faced with the requirements of clean production. Or may rectify.
Now the use of industrial dust removal equipment and tabletting machine, capsule filling machine, counting etc. drug equipment interface connection, dust powder produced in the process of pharmacy.


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