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Dust collector bags

Hengze manufactures and supplies dust collector bags in both industry standard and non-standard sizes for more than 25 years.
Filter bags can be fabricated from needle felt fabrics. These are available in polyester, polypropylene, Nomex, acrylic, PPS, nylon,
glass fiber, PTFE, P84 and many others. This enables the correct selection of fabrics to address most process situations
such as temperature, chemical attack, sticky or oily deposits or abrasive dusts.
Fabrics can be supplied with different surface treatments or structures to aid in the release of the dust cake and ensure
long-term stability of equipment resistance.
The filter bags can be customised with additions such as hanging loops, eyelets, steel rings, retainer cords, zippers,
wear patches. Any design or shape can be fabricated to suit your particular application.


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