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Zhejiang Hengze Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang hengze Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. is a company with 25 years of history, to provide environmental protection enterprise filtration material and filtration products specializing in the production and.
Our company's main product bag filter is widely used in dry cement, steel, asphalt, smelting, power generation, waste incineration and chemical industry, and we deal with all kinds of dust containing industrial gases and reduce the air pollution caused by direct emissions.
The water treatment and filtration products produced by our company are widely used in all kinds of industrial and urban sewage treatment to reduce the pollution of waste water to the living environment. After 25 years of development, our company already has a complete production line from non-woven needle punched filter material to finished product filter bag and a relatively complete testing ability, which can provide an economical and efficient filtration solution for all industries. Our company has also passed LS02. 1 quality system certification, product quality in the industry has a high reputation.
Our company adheres to the "integrity, professionalism, leading and service" business rule, and seeks the sustainable development of all sectors of the industry under the premise of energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection.