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Chemical engineering

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General principle of selection of filter material for dust collector of waste incineration
In chemical industry, especially industry based inorganic materials in chemical production, due to the extensive use of various ore as raw material, produce crushing, milling, transmission and other aspects of the production process of dust and soot and other chemical enterprises become the main source of dust production. The common flammable dust in the field of chemical industry includes polyolefin, plastic, resin, cellulose acetate, sulphur powder and coal powder. Because most of the chemical industry produces flammable and explosive toxic chemicals. Once a dust explosion happens, it will lead to a chain reaction. It will cause serious leakage, fire or explosion accidents, which will cause extremely serious casualties and bring huge losses to the enterprises.

Spa environment in chemical industry conditions, launched specifically for use in chemical plant dust bag dust control. The chemical industry uses a high strength and corrosion resistant duster bag, which can effectively filter chemical plant dust and prevent dust explosion. At the same time, it also purifies factory environment and protects employees' health.
When the flue gas temperature of chemical plant is below 120 C, and the filter material has acid resistance and durability, polyester needle punched felt dust bag, acrylic dust bag and polypropylene dust bag can be selected.
The properties of dust include the chemical and physical properties of dust. The selection of material, structure and post treatment of filter material is considered mainly from the physical properties of dust. These traits include the shape and particle size distribution of dust, dust adhesion and cohesion, dust, moisture absorption and deliquescence of grinding dust peck.
The working mechanism of polyester needle punched felt dust bag bag dedusting is that the dust containing flue gas is filtered through the filtering material and the dust particles are filtered. The coarse particles are collected by filtering materials, mainly by inertial collision, and the fine particles are mainly collected by diffusion and screening. The dust layer of the filter material also has a certain filtration effect. Polyester needled felt is acid resistant and weak alkali resistant. Good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good recovery and poor electrical conductivity. The dust removal efficiency is high, the gas emission concentration is low, the continuous operation temperature is 130 degrees C, and the instantaneous temperature can reach 150.
The cleaning method of bag type dust collector is one of the main factors to choose the structure of filter material. The bag filter with different cleaning methods is suitable for the selection of the filter material of different structural varieties because of the different characteristics of the ash cleaning energy and the deformation characteristics of the filter bag.
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