How to pick the dust bag?

First, in accordance with the requirements of the working conditions, the selection of cost-effective dust filter bag.

1, the temperature of the gas. The gas temperature is lower than 130 C to select the normal temperature dust filter bag, and the temperature is at 130 -260 C, and the high temperature dust filter bag is selected.

2, the humidity of the gas. The dusty gas is divided into three states according to relative humidity: dry gas (relative humidity is below 30%), general state (relative humidity is between 30%-80%) and high humidity gas (relative humidity above 80%). When the gas humidity high should choose waterproof film bag.

3, the chemical properties of the gas. Acid, alkali, oxidizing agent, organic solvent and other chemical components are often included in the flue gas and chemical waste gas of various furnace and kiln. Therefore, the filter bag should be selected according to the chemical composition of the smoke in the selection of filter bag.

4, the filter wind speed of the bag filter. General woven cloth bag filter bag filter wind speed can be relatively higher. The relative filtration wind speed of the needled felt type dust removal bag is medium. The filter wind speed is relatively slow.

Note: usually when the flue gas temperature is below 130 C, and the filter material is acid resistant and durable, it often uses polyester flannelette filter bag and polyester needle felt dust collector bag. Under some special industrial and mining conditions, carbon fiber filter material and dust bag are selected. Under the conditions of 130 degrees centigrade and lower than 160 C, acrylic bag bag and filter bag of medium temperature polyester needle felt dust collector or medium temperature fan bag are used. In the working condition of higher than 160 DEG C below 300 DEG C, under the condition of using the MetaMax mat dust bag, PPS high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant dust bag, FMS zhencizhan bagfilter, alkali free alkali glass fiber woven yarn series of high temperature dust bag, dust bag glass fiber needle felt cloth, high temperature resistant P84 needle punched filter dust bag, Nobel Mexes felt high temperature dust bag, dust bag and other aromatic high-temperature air generator interface. If the temperature is higher than 300, the basalt bag is needed to reach 400.

Two. Dust bag is selected according to the special properties of dust.

1, the wettability and adhesion of dust. If the dust is hygroscopic and strong stickiness, we choose the dust filter bag with waterproofing membrane filter material.

2, the flammability and charge of the dust. When some dust is combustible, we should choose the dusting bag of flame retardancy. The anti electrostatic dust filter bag is specially used for the dust with electric charge.

Three, select the dust filter bag according to the dust cleaning method of the dust collector.
1, oscillatory dust removal

The characteristic of this dust removal method is that the kinetic energy applied to the dust layer is smaller than that of pulse injection and anti blow type, and it is low energy type dust removal, so it is suitable for dust filter bag with fabric. The oscillating wave of the rich and soft woven fabric is better.

2, counter blow dedusting
Generally speaking, this dust removal method uses fabric dusting cloth bags, but it can also use light felt material with soft weight and small scale. At the same time, the use of glass fiber dust bag is the most, and used in large bag type dust remover. The removal of dust filter bags, sewing and other procedures have certain requests, if not to pay attention to the application life of the filter bag has a greater degree of impact.
3. Pulse jet dust removal
The dedusting method applied to the dust layer has the highest dedusting kinetic energy, and is a typical method of external filter dust removal. The strength of fine ash is very strong, the residual amount of dust attached to the yarn inside the dust bag is relatively small, and the used dust bag is usually felt or needle felt. Under the effect of pulse injection, the dust filter bag will become very big in a moment, and the stress is great, so it is necessary to use the filter material of anti Zhang Liqiang. Dust collector bag and skeleton often conflict, so the use of good wear-resistant filter bag.
4, gas ring spray dusting
Because the dust removal function of this method is good enough, the request dust bag bag has excellent rigidity, small pores and good wear resistance, so that when the blowing ring is moving upward and downward, the dust bag bag will remain unchanged and it will not be fuzzed. So limit the use of felt or needle felt. And requires thick, high density felt.
5. Pulsating back blowing and dust removal
The kinetic energy applied to dust is in the center of high energy and low kinetic energy. The dust removal request is good for softening the filter material of dust bag, and it also requires its rigidity. The use of fabric filter, with satin and twill fabric is appropriate, but from the aspects of power, dust filtration rate, the skeleton abrasion strength thinking, using needle felt is appropriate, the best selection of weight is 300 ~ 600g/m2 needle felt. Woven fabric is rarely used, and all kinds of surface processing should be made if necessary.
6, reverse blowing - oscillating dust removal
The dedusting kinetic energy added to the dust layer is low energy type. The majority of the early use of fabric dusting bags. Now, mostly with the needle felt, the primary factor is in order to improve the filtering speed, weight of 280/ needle felt cloth for square meters to 350g/ square meters, the thickness is 1.0mm ~ 1.3mm, its permeability is better.
Installation steps of dust bag:

1. hand grip dust bag dust bag opening end and keep the rest of fold, and dust bag folded into the cuff in part through the flowers plate. When the foldable part of the dust bag bag is opened under the flower board, the top of the dust bag bag is released, and the slot - shaped spring ring is placed on the sleeve of the flower board.

2. let the dust bag itself hold the weight slowly, and let the metal ring pull the sleeve from the top of the dust bag. The sleeves are installed in the hole of the flower plate.

3. with both hands clenched the groove pad spring ring (without the need to pull up the dust bag), the hands of the spring ring into the inner pressure to make it "C" shape. When the spring ring is kept "C" shape, one side of the groove spring ring is placed to the edge of the nearest flower plate hole. One hand holds one side of the "C" - shaped spring ring that has been installed, and the other hand holds the "C" shape on the edge of the floral board.

4. one hand fixed the bulge "C" spring ring ring side position, the other slowly open the other side of the ring ring. The slot of the spring ring is exactly embedded in the hole of the flower plate. If the spring ring is fully extended when not to hear "bang" sound, with a hand finger ring to the spring plate inside the mouth side push, the spring ring groove is embedded inside the hole of the pattern board. In general, it is time to hear the sound of "snap". Otherwise, the ring ring will be flexed from another position to "C". Lift the spring ring higher than the flower plate, and then repeat the above installation steps.

Matters needing attention

When installing, we must pay attention to putting the frame slowly into the dusting cloth bag. If there is a greater resistance, we must pull some back up, and then gently lay down. If the resistance is still large, repeat operation until it can be put down easily. Prevent the frame side corner scratching the dust bag! Strictly prohibit the frame from hitting the dust bag!

Ensure that the dusting bag seal can be sealed well with the surface of the floral board.

Install the dusting bag frame locator or fastener, and determine the dust bag / dust bag frame sealing pad under proper pressure.

1, dedusting bag storage should be kept away from the fire source, moisture-proof, avoid direct sunlight and other strong light, to prevent the extrusion of heavy objects. Every filter bag should be checked before installation to prevent mechanical damage.

2, the installation personnel should be careful in their dress, clean in their pockets, and not allowed to carry cigarettes, matches, lighters, keys, knives and other objects, so as not to fall into the filter bags. (if the bag is dropped into the bag, it must be removed). No shoes with iron nails or hard soles are allowed to be installed. The staff to install the bag should be fixed, the post is fixed, and the responsibility is clear. Each person will record the dust bag which is installed by himself, and sign the book on the record.

3, installation environmental requirements: the installation site lighting is sufficient, the site is not allowed to store unrelated equipment, equipment, and so on.

4, ban smoking dust bag during the installation process, is strictly prohibited in any form, any part of the welding and cutting work, the power case prohibited fire lighting lighters and matches, every day after work to check the installation installation tool, in order to avoid missing fall into the bag in bag damaged.

5, installation of dust removal cloth bag requirements: it is recommended to install by two people. One person will fold the bag vertically into the flower plate hole, and the other person will grab and open the filter bag. The cage should be aimed at the center, gently put it into the center, and make sure that it is vertical when it is installed.

6, inspection of the installation of dust bag: every cloth bag is installed to check whether the joint is sealed and the sealing position is correct. From the bucket to check if there is a bag at the bottom of the vertical, collide or incorrect, to record timely guidance of the hand straight down.

7, the floral board after the installation should be covered with canvas so as not to fall into the bag. It is also necessary to cover the floral board with canvas to prevent damage to the mouth of the bag.

8, when installing, pay special attention: the center of the five parts of the spray pipe hole, Venturi nozzle, bag frame, dust bag and flower plate is the same, and the deviation is less than 2mm.

9, in the handling and storage of dust bags, attention should be paid to preventing the contact of the bag from the surrounding hard and sharp objects. No foot, heavy pressure, so as not to break.