In the steel industry, our company has made strict requirement on the nature and working condition of the exhaust fume from blast furnace, smelting silicon iron furnace, steel making arc furnace as well as on the dust pelletizing system and the use of dedusting cloth (filter) bag and filter material.


The binding material as used in road engineering by asphalt factory shall be used together with macadam and other mineral materials to be made into bitulith, bituminous mortar and other asphalt mixture. These materials shall be applied to road pavement, mill floor and other projects. The tag fog as generated from the heated bitulith enters the bag-type dust collector. In this condition, selection of the material of bag filter is of great importance.


The copper smelting technology has been developing for a very long time. But even today copper smelting shall still be smelted by fire, and its output accounts for 85% of the total cooper output of the world.


Nowadays when science and technology are highly advanced, the strict environmental requirement and standard have been realized. The design for all the large bag filters has seen continuous progress and optimization, and the quality of all the components has been raised, especially the bag filter industry. In industry, the processing requirements for flue gas from more and more cement kiln heads and kiln tails have become stricter. Large bag filter is used for treating its flue gas. The selection of the material of bag filter plays a key role in the property of dirt catcher. The dust and smoke as discharged from the cement factory shows different properties through different manufacturing process. I. High temperature: The temperature of the dust as discharged from the tail of rotary kiln is very high. So it is necessary to cool the dust before treating it. II. High moisture: The moisture content of mechanical shaft kiln and dryer is over 20%. I. High temperature: The temperature of the dust as discharged from the tail of rotary kiln is very high. So it is necessary to cool the dust before treating it. II. High moisture: The moisture content of mechanical shaft kiln and dryer is over 20%. III. High concentration: The dust concentration of the gas containing dust amounts to 700 to 1600 g/m. IV. Flameproof explosion-proof: such as the dusty gas containing braize as discharged from coal mill;

Power generation

The boiler dust collector in the power plant has experienced the process of electrostatic precipitator from a dry cyclone dusting, a multi tube cyclone, a water film dust removal and a electrostatic precipitator. At present, with the increasing emphasis on environmental protection and environmental protection, and the localization and service life of filter bags, the dust removal of the boiler tail section of thermal power plants has returned to the trend of bag dust removal.

Refuse burning

Filter material is usually made from natural fiber or synthetic fiber, such as cotton and wool. The raw materials have different physical and chemical properties, and it is impossible to have excellent performance and resistance in temperature, humidity and chemical resistance. Therefore, as the principle of selecting filter material, we must fully grasp the characteristics of dusty gas, including the temperature, humidity, corrosiveness, flammability and explosiveness of the dusty gas, and carefully evaluate the properties of all kinds of fibers and make reasonable selection.

Chemical engineering

In chemical industry, especially industry based inorganic materials in chemical production, due to the extensive use of various ore as raw material, produce crushing, milling, transmission and other aspects of the production process of dust and soot and other chemical enterprises become the main source of dust production.

Sewage treatment

General principle of selection of filter material for dust collector of waste incineration   Sewage treatment: the process of purifying and purifying the water to meet the water quality of a water body or again. Sewage treatment is widely used in building, agriculture, transportation, energy, petrochemical, environmental protection, urban landscape, medical treatment, catering and other fields, and is also increasingly entering the daily life of ordinary people. About water pollution issue has always been mentioned, especially the problem of groundwater pollution in Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Wenzhou and other places have farmers or entrepreneurs funded please Environmental Protection Bureau to swim in the river, in order to draw attention to the water pollution degree, although the various environmental protection bureau have chosen silence or rejection, but the public awareness of environmental protection, concern the degree of water pollution reached unprecedented. The surface water pollution is obvious, and the pollution of the groundwater is startling. Of the 1 billion 300 million population of China, 70% of the water is drinking water, and more than 400 of the more than 660 cities are drinking water sources. But it is reported that 90% of the country's urban groundwater has been polluted. Another set of data shows that groundwater is facing a severe challenge. In 2011, 9 provinces and cities in Beijing and Shanghai evaluated 857 monitoring wells in the area. The water quality was 2% for I and II, while 76.8% for IV and V. Matters needing attention 1, handling air volume The handling of air volume refers to the volume of the dedusting equipment that can purify the gas in a unit time. The unit is per hour cubic meter (m3/h) or per hour standard cubic meter (Nm3/h). It is one of the most important factors in the design of bag type dust remover. According to the design or selection of air bag type dust collector, generally cannot make filter in air exceeds the specified operating conditions, otherwise, the bag is easy to plug, shorten the life span of the pressure loss increased substantially, the dust removal efficiency will decrease; but it cannot be selected volume is too large, or to increase investment in equipment and space. The reasonable selection of air volume is often determined by the process and experience. 2. Use temperature For bag filter, its temperature depends on two factors. The first is the highest temperature of the filter material. The second is that the gas temperature must be above the dew point temperature. Because of the large selection of glass fiber filter materials, the maximum service temperature can reach 280 degrees. For those gases above this temperature, temperature reduction measures must be taken. For the gas below dew point temperature, temperature lifting measures must be taken. There are many PPS filters. The temperature is 170 degrees. For a bag filter, the relationship between the temperature and the efficiency of dust removal is not obvious. This is different from the electrostatic precipitator. For the electrostatic precipitator, the change of temperature will affect the specific resistance of dust and so on. 3. The dust concentration at the entrance That is, the concentration of inlet dust is determined by the process of dust collection point. When designing or selecting bag filter, it is next to the important factor of air volume. It is represented by g/m3 or g/Nm3. Luoyang permanent clean environmental technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 and is reformed by Luoyang environmental protection Co., Ltd., located in the famous historic city of industry - Luoyang. The company is one of the early domestic enterprises involved in the field of environmental protection. After more than 10 years of development and struggle, the company has professional technology research and development capabilities, experienced management team, perfect service system, and the scale of enterprises is growing. The company relies on honesty, pragmatism and innovative management style. It aims at recycling economy, energy saving and emission reduction. It specializes in low concentration wastewater and deep water treatment in industrial high schools, and researches, develops and applies new technologies and technologies. Provide a complete set of environmental protection and energy saving equipment, environmental protection equipment, sewage treatment project general package construction, sewage treatment facilities debugging and trusteeship operation. Waste waste gas treatment project as its own responsibility, market oriented, the products are popular in many provinces and cities and regions.


With the increasing improvement of the pharmaceutical industry in China, the pharmaceutical industry has made rapid development. Although the economic benefits of the pharmaceutical industry in the early stages of development are favored because of their high economic benefits, the pharmaceutical industry is facing the dilemma of development in recent years. In particular, the hard regulation of the GMP level in the pharmaceutical industry, one of the important assessment items and indicators is the clean index. And because of its special function, the industrial dust removal equipment has become a part of the production machinery which can not be omitted in the pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises.

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