The principle of dust cleaning and the related knowledge of filter material

When the dust collector works, when dust laden gas flows through the bag, the stall of the smoke particles and filter material will stall on the filter bag, and it may also blow again and be carried away by the airflow. The general trend is:

There are more dust on the outer surface of the fabric, the depth of the attached dust and the extent to which the rent is affected. Depending on the speed of the filter, the dust particles taken away by the airflow are only a few. Dust on the filter surface and pores, have obvious effect on improving the filtration efficiency, cause dust gas contact by settling the filter soot particles combined with each other by connecting and bridging gaps gradually fill the filter cloth, continuous porous interlayer formed on the surface of the filter cloth, this layer has the property with the original big media not the same, because it is composed of a single particle size, smaller than the pore of the dust bag, dust reached a certain thickness, the new particles brought almost all the trapped gas, greatly improving the cloth dust collection efficiency, but also had a higher resistance.


In the process of dust removal, the dust layer is basically on the surface of the dust bag, forming a more dense filter layer than the filter cloth, thus getting higher dust removal efficiency. This bag has mechanical shock and vibration vibration or the anti shake bag blowing bag clean dust, cleaning method is simple, low power consumption, this kind of cloth made of textile fiber, the filtration speed is small, bulky gauze and needle felt is most commonly used in the dust filter bag dust collector in the production of our company.



In the process of dust cleaning and dust removal, the main purpose of industrial dust removal equipment is to use dust bag to prevent dust and achieve the purpose of cleaning ash. Then, according to the different strength of the dust, the filter bag is divided into two kinds : 

It is a thick, one or both sides with hair or cloth in the needled felt filter material, the need to use high strength cleaning, cleaning thoroughly, do not consider the remaining of the dust layer, and retained by the thickness and the surface of a permanent fiber filter containing ash (residual of ash layer to maintain a stable removal efficiency). Because of the high energy consumption and short ash cleaning cycle of the dust cleaning bag, the problem of overcoming the large energy consumption of ash cleaning must be studied at the present stage. The second is the thinner woven filter cloth, which is used to filter all kinds of dust containing flue gas in industry. The filtration rate of this filter bag is small, and a small amount of bulky yarns or textured yarns can be blended in the weft yarn of the filter cloth, and the cost is much less than that of continuous fiber weaving, and the filtration performance is greatly improved. The filtering process of the dust bag is carried out by the internal fiber layer, and then the filter is attached to the dust layer.