Related knowledge of dust collector skeleton

The frame is the rib of the filter bag. It should be light and easy to install and maintain. The quality of the frame directly affects the filter state and the service life of the filter bag. The company introduces the advanced frame manufacturing equipment and uses the high frequency welding machine to form the first welding skeleton. Iron wire or stainless steel wire with sufficient strength and steel degree. Galvanized, sprayed, and organosilicon plating. The framework of the silicone technology treated by the company can replace the stainless steel skeleton, which can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment. And each frame that is made can meet the requirements of light, smooth and straight.

Raw materials : High quality low carbon steel wire, galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire and so on.
Surface treatment : There are galvanizing, spraying, antiseptic treatment, surface organosilicon spraying, etc.
The production types of dust removal framework are as follows :

1. round bag (outer filter)

2. round bag spring type (external filter)

3. flat bag (outer filter) (oval, rhombus)

4. envelopes

5. multi section frame (elliptical multi section frame. Round bag multi section frame (insert type, chuck type))

6. finished frame (with venturi tube frame. Plastic bags, packing iron frame. The neatly arranged diamond frame)

The characteristics of dedusting skeleton production are :

1. the production of imported patent technology and equipment is superior in performance and complete in scale.

2. unloaded patent assembly technology, replacement parts, less, safer and more convenient.

3. the design structure is strong and reliable, and the service life is longer.

4. can provide oval, star cage and special stainless steel cage.

Factors affecting the skeleton of dust removal
(1) the influence of the size of the dust removal skeleton. In the geometric dimension of the dust removal skeleton, the diameter of the dust collector, the inlet and the shape and size of the exhaust pipe are the most important factors.
(2) the influence of gas parameters on the performance of dust removal skeleton: including the influence of gas flow, the influence of gas concentration, the influence of moisture content, the density, viscosity, pressure and temperature of gas.
(3) the effect of the physical properties of dust on the dust skeleton
(4) the influence of the roughness of the inner wall of the dust removal framework: the dust particles concentrated near the wall will cause the swirling flow due to rough surface, and some dust particles will be thrown into the ascending air flow and enter the exhaust pipe, thus reducing the efficiency of dust removal.
The standard for making dust skeleton:

1. cage dust removal framework requires uniform distribution of supporting rings and longitudinal bars, and should have enough strength and stiffness, which can withstand the gas pressure of filter bags in filtering and cleaning. It can prevent damage and deformation caused by collision and impact during normal transportation and installation.

2. solder joint filter bag frame should be welded firmly with desoldering is not allowed. Weld and weld.

3. filter bag frame and the filter bag should be smooth and smooth, not allowed to have welding scars, uneven and burr.

4. spring frame should have enough circle and elasticity, and the space should be evenly spaced after opening.

5. the surface of the filter bag skeleton must be treated by anti-corrosion, and electroplating according to different needs. Spraying or painting, for high temperature, its anticorrosion should satisfy the requirement of the temperature.

6. the perpendicularity of the dusting bag cage is 6M positive and negative 1mm.

7. the bag cage has a whole, a section, or three sections.

8. the length of the bag cage is more than 3 meters in length.

9. the bag cage is galvanized, sprayed and organosilicon.