Functional characteristics of water repellent, oil proof and antistatic

The function of water repellent and oil protection is reflected in the following aspects:

1. because the crosslinking membrane can prevent the chemical material from further contact with the fiber, it can improve the anti chemical property (i. e. acid and alkali resistance).

2. can improve the antioxidant activity.

3. permeable crosslinked membrane has water resistance and oil repellency.

4. can prevent the further penetration of small particle dust and the cross section of the fiber.

5. can improve the filtration precision and help the dust cake fall off, and reduce the running resistance.

6. increased the toughness and strength of the fiber.

The features of anti electrostatic precipitator bag :
After a certain degree of concentration of industrial dust (that is, the limit of explosion), such as the spark of electrostatic discharge or the ignition of the outside, it is very easy to cause the explosion and fire.

Such as: flour dust, chemical dust, pulverized coal dust and so on in the case of electrostatic discharge are likely to explode. In the field of bag type dust removal, such as these dust needs to be collected with cloth bags, the filter material of the dust bag bag is required to have the anti static performance.

The production of antistatic filter cloth not only has the technology of producing ordinary needled felt, but also requires that the conductive fiber or stainless steel conductive material is mixed into the chemical fiber of needle felt, and an antistatic and electropuncture needle felt with excellent antistatic performance is made.