Classification and application field of dust bag material

Dust filter bag according to the type of material:

One, normal temperature class

1. easy ash polyester needled felt filter bag

2. antistatic polyester needled felt filter bag

3. polyester coated needle felt filter bag

4. water repellent and oil proof polyester needled felt filter bag

5.208 polyester fabric filter bag

6.729 polyester fabric filter bag

7. polypropylene needle punched felt filter bag

Two, middle and high temperature

1. mattas needled felt filter bag

2. FMS needle felt filter bag

3. Glass fiber needled felt filter bag

4. PPS acid alkali needled felt filter bag

5. P84 needle felt filter bag

6. Weave filter bag of fiberglass machine

7. Glass fiber filter bag

8. polyester fiber felt filter felt


The selection of dust bag is selected from the following aspects:
The gas temperature, moisture and chemical resistance, particle size, dust concentration, filtration velocity, dust and other factors of the way.
The application field of the dust bag according to the temperature division:
(1) the low temperature class is suitable for the use of bag dust remover, such as raw material mill, cement mill and warehouse top storehouse. For high humidity content, the oil repellent and waterproof agent on the surface should be used for surface treatment.
(2) often, high temperature, suitable for bag filter processing of cement kiln, kiln kiln, cooling machine, drying machine, hot gas, and for high temperature and high moisture content conditions on the surface of the water and oil repellent treatment agent for surface treatment.
The selection of the material of the dust collector is to understand the working condition, the characteristics of the dust smoke, the temperature and the corrosiveness.

1. The dust at normal temperature is less than 130 C, and it can be used as a dusting bag with polyester needled felt.

2. the dust smoke at normal temperature is lower than 130 degrees C, and a small amount of oil and water in the dust smoke can be used in the bag of the three anti dust remover.

3. the wood industry and the pulverized coal industry can use the anti electrostatic precipitator bag.

4. high temperature dust can use high temperature dust collector cloth bag.

5. high temperature dust smoke can be corrosive and can use PPS dust collector cloth bag.