Cleaning method of bag type dust collector filter bag

Measures for dust collection and dust collection:
    1. mechanical vibration and ash cleaning. It is divided into top vibrating, cleaning and vibrating cleaning in the middle part (all for filter bags). It depends on mechanical beating and setting up periodically to rotate each row of filter bags, so as to remove dust accumulated on filter bags.
    2. Wild hit: it is the use of wild knocking every filter bag to remove the dust on the filter bag. After improvement, the problem of dust accumulation at the bottom of the filter bag was raised.
    3. Gas ash: gas ash is relied on low pressure gas or inner air filter bag to remove ash on filter bag. Gas dust collects pulsing and blowing ash, anti blowing and anti blow cleaning.

It is necessary to carry out real-time measures to prevent the dust skeleton from damaging the dust skeleton at the bottom of the filter bag.

The existing method of removing ash is to open the top cover of the bag room first, and then take out each cage and filter bag, and clear the ash one by one. This method has large amount of operation, long ash cleaning time and great damage strength. To this end, we say that the discs at the bottom of the dust skeleton are changed into circular rings to facilitate the dust to fall down to the bottom of the filter bag. By the time the dust bag to aunt in the precipitator hopper in place.