Working principle of dusting bag

The bag filter is a dry dust removal device, which is suitable for the collection of fine and dry non - fibrous dust. Dust bag bag filter is running in the heart, the bag is made of textile or textile filter cloth mat, filtration fabric using fiber to filter the dust gas, when the dust laden gas into the bag filter, particles larger proportion of dust, due to gravity sedimentation down, falling into the ash bucket, and clean gas through the filter into the filter bag, the purified gas through the filter opening into the box, then the air is discharged by the air outlet. The cage frame inside the filter bag is used to support the filter bag to prevent the filter bag from collapsing, and it helps to remove and redistribute the dust cake.


The dust removal efficiency of the general new filter material is not high enough. Filter used for a period of time, due to the sifting, collision, retention, diffusion, electrostatic and other effects, the bag surface of a layer of dust, this layer of dust known as the first layer, in which the future course of the campaign, became the first layer the main filtration filter layer, the first layer on the role of larger mesh the filter can get a higher filtration efficiency. With the accumulation of dust on the surface of filter material, the efficiency and resistance of the precipitator increase correspondingly. When the pressure difference on both sides of the filter material is large, some fine particles that have been attached to the filter material will be squeezed past, so that the efficiency of the precipitator will decrease. In addition, the high resistance of the dust collector will significantly decrease the air volume of the dust removal system. Therefore, when the resistance of the dust collector reaches a certain value, it is necessary to clear the ash in time. The initial layer can not be destroyed when the dust is cleared, so as to avoid the decrease of efficiency.


The structure of the bag filter is mainly composed of the upper box, the middle box body, the lower box box (ash bucket), the ash cleaning system and the ash discharging mechanism. In addition to the correct selection of filter bag material, the cleaning system plays a decisive role in the bag filter. Therefore, the cleaning method is one of the characteristics of the bag filter, and it is also an important part of the bag filter.