Three reasons for the blocking of the bag of the dust collector

High efficiency dust bag dust collector has characteristics of wide application range, etc., are widely used in industrial dust collector, called him a brother a little too, but good products also need careful maintenance, we talk about the dust collector to meet today's one of the most common problems: dust collector bag plug.

We first briefly explain why dust bag will be blocked, the principle of filter dust bag is the bag above the dense fiber hole to achieve the dust particle size is greater than a certain value is not through the tiny particles, and the gas can, in order to filter, the bag is actually a hole above the fiber plug is blocked, causing all the gas and dust will not pass.

So the small editor summed up the 3 main reasons for everyone in the case of dust collector bag closure when the analysis:

First, it is most likely to cause water plugging bag, liquid water is poured into the bag, and immediately paste live, water vapor will be relatively good, but once the cold dew, still will block the dust bag, which is why the north side of the boiler dust collector with heat.
       Second, it is that the principle of oil and water are the same as moisture, which leads to fiber hole sticking. Oil is often found in oil fired boilers, waste incineration and other industries, and water is also the same. If the volume is very large, it is not recommended to use bag filter.
      Three, Pulse work is not normal. The most important function of pulse is ash cleaning. If the pulse valve doesn't work, the ash on the dust bag will be more and more. Eventually, all the fiber holes will be blocked. The solution is as long as the pulse valve is checked in turn.