Which conditions are not suitable for the installation of bag dust remover?

There are all kinds of equipment in the environmental protection industry, including bag filter, filter dust collector, cyclone dust collector, and so on. Each of these dust remover has its own advantages, and no one can completely replace it. Today we focus on which conditions are not suitable for the installation of bag dust remover.

When it comes to the bag filter, people who do not understand even the environmental protection industry know that the following conditions are the most feared:

First,  Mars, on the market now, no matter what material duster bag will be exposed to open fire, and some flame-retardant dust bags can not be spread, but it will be unavoidable to burn a hole on Mars.
       Second,  the factors that accompany Mars, the temperature. The boiler industry small temperature to more than 100 degrees, has reached more than 1000 degrees, but our dust bag can not adapt to the classification, we simply for the polyester bag (temperature less than 120 degrees), high temperature bag (temperature less than 280 degrees), 280 degrees below the basic conditions accounted for 95% of the market equipment. There are also some metal fabric bags that are more resistant to heat, but the cost is too high to be extended.
       Three, This is the most fundamental reason for the clogging of cloth bags. Only if the volume is large enough, any bags can't be blocked, so the water and oil must be not much.
       Fourth,  exhaust gas and bag filter are widely applied, but they also have their own limitations. They can only remove dust and waste gas, which is not removes. Especially those with strong corrosiveness, it is easy to corrode cloth bags and accelerate aging.
       Fifth, the last one must pay special attention to, if it is outside that do not worry, if it is going to put indoors, the bag filter size relative to other dust will be larger, especially high, will also set aside more than 6 meters, 2 meters of space maintenance, so the plant height to 8 meters above that put indoor.