Some representative applications of high performance liquid filter bag

automotive industry:Pretreatment, electrophoretic paint, topcoat and varnish filtration, primer, paint loop filtration, parts cleaning fluid, surface treatment agent, lubricant, metal cutting fluid and filtration before pump.


chemical industry:Catalyst recovery: clear water from the water pipe, liquid clarification, filtrate acid, lye, solvent, filter emulsion and dispersant, filter the colloid in the resin. In the fine chemical industry, removal of activated carbon or catalyst is a typical high requirement example


Electronics:The production process of the electronic chip, photochemical etching liquid, polishing, high pure water filtration and membrane filtration in the pre filter to increase cost efficiency, cleanliness is an important standard of the electronics industry, often need to filter the chemical liquid impurity content is extremely low, so as to achieve the requirements of high cleanliness, filtration efficiency and stability


Food and drink:Wine beer, whisky, filtration purification, removal of edible oil particles, carbon fiber in the removal of ink, goo, gelatin syrup, fruit juice and corn pulp filtration, concentration of starch, milk and beverage production.


Metal processing:Hydraulic oil filtration, pretreatment and filtration, precious metal recovery, metal processing liquid and surface treatment agent. The use of our filter bag for part cleaning machine can reduce the residual impurities on the parts


Petrifaction:Filter lubricants, fuel additives, oil recovery, amine solution, glycol liquid filtration, gas purification process, distillation and fractionation process, amine liquid cleaning machine, offshore platform filter station, drilling oil and injection solution.


Paint and enamel:Remove the clotting of the paint, filter the solvent, remove the impurities formed in the storage, the filtration of the packing line and the mixing line, the purification of the monomer.


Pharmacy:Recovery of active elements, expensive catalyst recovery, remove activated carbon filtration, gelatin, hormone, vitamin concentrate, herbal medicine filtration, removal of plasma protein in brine filtration


Resin, plastic, ink and paint:Filtration of oil and polymer, dispersion, polymer production, canned coating resin, plastic synthesis, paper coating, high purity ink-jet filtration


water treatment:Water filtration, removal of the sludge water treatment plant, cleaning pipe scale removal of sediment and algae in seawater, the recovery of ion exchange resin, remove calcium crystals, chemicals used in wastewater treatment filter, dust filter in the cooling system, the application of surface water filtration, the main is to filter, but today high performance, high efficiency and long life of the spa bag is a more cost-effective option


Spa environment science and technology is widely used in automobile, chemical industry, viscose manufacturing, food and beverage, water treatment, electronic parts recycling, and widely recognized.