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Glass fiber (FMS) dust filter bag


【FMS dust bag】

Details of the introduction

FMS high temperature dust bag is a new high temperature resistant varieties. It is composed of two or more than two kinds of high temperature resistant fiber mixed layer and strong composite, in order to achieve higher and newer physical and chemical properties, compound named FMS resistant aculeus filtering felt goods (FMS), compared with the high temperature resistant synthetic fiber filter material, overcome the fiber elongation, filter material large deformation, low temperature resistance, poor corrosion resistance weakness; dimensional stability, strength is better, and the price is lower than other high temperature resistant chemical fiber.
Compared with the FMS glass fiber filter, its wear resistance and fracture resistance and peel strength are significantly improved, can bear high load filter. The filtration speed is more than 1.0m/min, and the running resistance is low. Compared with synthetic high-temperature fiber filter material, it overcomes the weakness of chemical fiber filter material, such as high elongation, large deformation, low temperature resistance and poor corrosion resistance. The size stability and strength are better, and the price is lower than other high temperature resistant chemical fibers.
Processing postprocessing: high temperature setting, singeing and calendering, water and oil repellent, anti-static, PTFE coating, emulsion, surface coating
The characteristics of the filter product:
1. good temperature resistance, can reach 260 degrees
2. wear, flexure resistance, folding resistance and more excellent
3. significant improvement of mechanical strength
Decrease of 4 initial resistance and running resistance
5 enhancement of filter efficiency
6 improve the speed of filtration
7 significantly improved service life
8 to improve the adaptability of dust


Attention point

1. high bond degree or high humidity, the film mulching filter can not be applied. N
Bag style: external interface, one round flange
Bag: hot melt, seam
Bag tail: the bottom of the circle, the bottom of the ellipse, the bottom of the new bag
* style sizes can be customized in accordance with needs


Application areas:

Widely used in cement kiln (kiln head and tail), shaft kiln, blast furnace gas purification, ferroalloy smelting furnace, waste incineration furnace, coal-fired boiler, high temperature and fine dust filter and valuable metal material recycling industry



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Texture of material
More than two kinds of high temperature resistant fiber + glass fiber base cloth
Acid and alkali resistance
Acid and alkali resistance
Applicable temperature
High temperature, continuous use temperature are less than 250, the use of instantaneous temperature are less than 280
Protruding performance
The advantages of high efficiency, high wind speed, low resistance, low price, high temperature resistance and wear resistance
Service life
1-2 years