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Needle felt



The nonwoven needling process, and the high temperature heat, singeing,

calendering and other postprocessing method, widely used in industrial dust, dust

control etc..


The needle felt filter material has good permeability. After heat treatment, the

surface is smooth and smooth. It is not easy to be deformed and easy to dust. The

hydrophobicity and hydrophobicity treated needle felt filter material can prevent

paste bag and prolong service life because of its hydrophobicity and application in

high moisture content or small amount of oil pollution.


PTFE coated needle felt surface composite a layer of microporous

polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) films with smooth surface and hydrophobic

breathable, easy cleaning features, high filtration efficiency, low running resistance,

low energy consumption, long service life, truly realize the surface filtering".


PTFE coating is applied on the surface of needle felt with polytetrafluoroethylene

and other chemicals. It has the characteristics of smooth surface, high temperature

resistance, corrosion resistance, high permeability and strong dust barrier.

Acrylic needled felt

milter needle felt

Texture of material
More than two kinds of high temperature resistant fiber + glass fiber base cloth
Acid and alkali resistance
Moderate acid and alkali
Applicable temperature
In room temperature, continuous use temperature are less than 150, the use of instantaneous temperature are less than 170
Protruding performance
It has the advantages of smooth and smooth surface, wear-resistant, easy to dust, good air permeability and stable structure.
Service life
Key words
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