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Liquid filter bag




Our company adopts the unique needle punched filter material made

of fiber ratio, which ensures the balanced filtration accuracy, stable

opening rate and sufficient strength of the needle felt, so that the

efficiency of the filter bag is stable and the operation time is longer.

And the special singeing process not only effectively prevent pollution,

the fiber from the filtrate, and avoid the traditional rolling processing

caused by the filter holes too clogged to shorten its life. All the raw

materials are white, without any special bleaching treatment, fully

comply with national environmental standards. Because of the

three-dimensional filter layer of needle felt, when the liquid flows

through the filter bag, the particles will remain in the surface and deep

layer of the inner wall of the liquid filter bag due to the deep filtration

mechanism, which has high capture efficiency for solid or colloidal

particles. The company can produce a variety of surface treatment of

liquid filter bag, a wide range of use, suitable for all industries.

Polyester liquid filter bag

Polyester liquid filter bag

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