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Bag cage


Filter bag Cage

The bag structure is a framework of cloth bags. According to the installation environment, it can be divided into zinc plating, plastic spraying and silicone treatment.
 The filter bag cage is used in chemical, metallurgical, building materials, steel, cement, thermal power and other industries. The quality of the bag skeleton directly affects the service life of the filter bag and the dust removal effect of the filter bag dust collector. It is one of the important parts in the dust collector.
The filter bag cage is formed by one - time welding of special multi - head welding equipment. The welding should be reliable, non - welding, leakage welding, false welding, smooth and smooth surface, dirty and bumpy and burr. Both ends of the bag cage are usually equipped with venturi tube, flange, chassis and other accessories. These accessories are made of a special mold, and all sharp fast ports should be repaired before welding to prevent the damage of the filter bag and the damage to the installer when the bag skeleton is installed. The surface anticorrosion treatment of dust bag bag skeleton can be treated by phosphating, galvanizing and plastic spraying according to the installation requirements, so as to apply different industrial and mining environments.
The dust bag bag skeleton is made of 3-4 carbon steel wires or stainless steel wires, which are made up of longitudinal steel bars and supporting rings. The dust bag skeleton is installed on the hole of the floral board in the pulse dust collector and the gas box type pulse duster, which is used to support the dust filter bag to prevent the collapse, and helps to remove the dust and provide the dust removal efficiency. Dust is attached to the outer surface of the dust filter bag. When the dust gas passes through the dust collector, the dust is arrested on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the clean gas is discharged through the filter material into the filter bag and the fan is discharged.


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